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Thumbnail Background

How to find the Best Thumbnail Backgrounds for Your Videos

Thumbnail images, also known as thumbnails, are small images that help market your business and brand. Thumbnail images can be used in videos, blogs, social media posts, and more.

The best part about thumbnail images is that they’re easy to use – grab the image from your computer or phone and upload it directly into your video or blog post! However, choosing good thumbnail backgrounds for your videos can be difficult because so many different styles are available today.

By understanding how these styles work together and what makes them effective at capturing the attention of viewers (and potential customers), you’ll be able to use some great combinations to make sure your audience gets what they want out of each piece of content on social media!

What Are The Best Thumbnail Backgrounds for Video Images?

  • The thumbnail background should be a neutral color. Neutral colors are the most common and can work in any situation. If you’re using a dark or light color for your video image, consider using white text instead of black text when possible—it will make your video look less visually cluttered and more professional.
  • Thumbnail backgrounds should be light in color (white). For example, suppose you’re creating an animated character who’s supposed to move around while speaking or doing something else. In that case, it makes sense that the thumbnail background would be bright enough so that viewers can see what they’re looking at without glare from other elements onscreen (such as lights). However, this isn’t always possible; sometimes, we have no choice but to use darker-colored backgrounds because there aren’t enough natural light sources available anywhere near our camera equipment! In those cases where there isn’t enough natural illumination available nearby anyway, though—like inside an auditorium during filming–we may still want our audience members’ attention focused elsewhere instead of just sitting there staring blankly at nothingness forever until their eyes fall out from lack of sleep overnight.

How to Choose Thumbnail Backgrounds

Choosing the right thumbnail background for your video can be a challenge. The best way to do this is by starting with a few simple tips:

  • Choose a thumbnail background that is relevant to your video content. If you’re making a cooking show, don’t use an image of someone chopping onions if you’re talking about how easy it is to cook chicken wings without using any seasoning or spice mix.
  • Choose a thumbnail background relevant to your brand identity and its marketing strategy (e.g., if it’s an educational YouTube series on diabetes management).

Industry-Specific Suggestions for Thumbnail Backgrounds to Consider

  • The thumbnail backgrounds should be a neutral color.
  • The thumbnail background should be a single image and not multiple images linked together.
  • The thumbnail background should be an object that is easy to identify, such as a candle or flowers.
  • The thumbnail background should not be too complex for your viewer to understand easily and quickly—it needs to stand out from other images in your video so viewers can immediately see what’s going on in the video without having to scroll down first before they see anything important happening (like when multiple people are talking at once).

Pick a background that fits your brand.

If you have an existing logo, use it as a base to help ensure the background matches your videos’ tone and style. If not, find something that represents what you want viewers to get from watching your video in the first place—a good example would be choosing a floral pattern for someone selling flowers on Instagram or Vine.

You should also think about who will see these thumbnails and how they’ll react when they see them: if they’re supposed to like what they see, then maybe it wouldn’t be worth posting!

Pick a background that fits well in your video.

When choosing a thumbnail background for your videos, you need to make sure it fits well with the content of your video. The image must be easy to see and read. Make sure it’s also easy for viewers to hear and understand what they’re seeing and hearing for them to enjoy watching it!

Real Estate & Interior Design

Real estate thumbnail backgrounds are a great way to highlight your company name, product name, and logo. They can also be used to highlight the tagline of your business or brand.

  • Use a real estate thumbnail background on YouTube videos that show off houses for sale in your area.
  • Use a real estate thumbnail background on YouTube videos about interior design trends in various living spaces (like apartments).
  • Use a real estate thumbnail background on YouTube videos showing off interior design ideas for older homes that might not be as popular as new construction but still need updates!


Gaming thumbnails are often used to promote video games on YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook. This is a good option if you want to include a thumbnail that promotes your game’s title or logo and its title card. You can also use this image for animated videos that show off gameplay footage from your game or app.


  • Color. The color you choose for your thumbnail background should match the video you’re uploading. A common mistake is to use an image that’s too dark or light, which can completely change how people perceive your video and make it seem unprofessional.
  • Fonts & size. Your font choice also impacts how people perceive your video; try to stick with one that stands out from the rest of your content (but not so much as to distract). And when it comes time for selecting fonts, remember that smaller sizes tend not only to look better but also help keep things organized within each post (e.g., if there are multiple captions). About sizing options: some thumbnails are made up entirely of text, while others include a small image. Both styles work well depending on what information needs to be presented in each case, so don’t worry too much about ensuring every thumbnail reflects this flexibility!

Healthy Living

Health and wellness is a hot topic in the world of social media. Many people use fitness to stay healthy, and some go so far as to use it for self-improvement. You can go right if your videos are about health and wellness! Your audience will appreciate seeing what kind of workout routines or nutrition recommendations you have.

You can also show off your knowledge of medical devices such as MRIs (magnetic resonance imaging) or other equipment that may help diagnose or treat specific conditions.

There are lots of ways to choose a thumbnail background.

  • Choose one that’s easy to see, so viewers don’t have to strain their eyes and miss your video.
  • Choose one that’s easy to understand, so viewers can tell what’s going on in the video without needing additional information from you or someone else who might be talking about it.
  • Choose one that’s easy to remember—and easier still if it has some amazing feature or texture (like an object). If you’re creating a tutorial video series in which each episode has its theme, then using the same image for all five episodes would make them look like they were all part of one project rather than separate pieces of work, which would help build brand recognition and trust among potential customers/viewers/fans. Also, consider whether there could be any negative connotations associated with using this particular image; perhaps there are people out there who might find it offensive or otherwise avoid watching those types of videos altogether because they don’t want anything negative being associated with them online.”

Thumbnails are an important part of your video marketing strategy.

Thumbnails are an important part of your video marketing strategy. They’re a great way to grab viewers’ attention and get them excited about what they’ll see in the video, but they also provide a sense of context for your audience by giving them something to relate to visually.

Thumbnails are an important part of your video marketing strategy because they help you promote your brand or business within a short time frame, which can be difficult when it comes down to creating an engaging thumbnail that will catch the viewer’s eye.


Choosing the right thumbnail for your video is a crucial part of the process. And there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. You need to choose a thumbnail that fits your brand and helps users understand what you want them to see about your product or service.

We hope this article has helped you understand how video thumbnails work, how they can benefit your business, and how best to use them as part of an overall marketing strategy.

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