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Brazil's Import and Export Trends

Brazil’s Import and Export Trends: A Detailed Overview

In 2021, Brazil ranked as the 12th largest economy globally, with a strong GDP. It also held the 24th position in exports and the 27th in imports. While its GDP per person was 81st globally, the Economic Complexity Index (ECI) ranked Brazil at 49th place. These numbers showcase Brazil’s complex and dynamic economy.


Brazil’s exports in 2021 tell a compelling story. The top exports included Iron Ore, Soybeans, Crude Petroleum, Raw Sugar, and Poultry Meat. Iron Ore led the way with a value of $46.2 billion, followed by Soybeans at $39 billion and Crude Petroleum at $30.7 billion as stated in Brazil export data of 2021.. These exports are the backbone of Brazil’s economic growth.

China, the United States, Argentina, Netherlands, and Chile were Brazil’s primary export partners. China was the largest recipient, importing goods worth a staggering $88.3 billion. These exports are crucial for Brazil’s economy, forging international ties and driving growth.


Brazil’s imports in 2021 were also significant. According to Brazil import data, key imports included Refined Petroleum, Motor vehicles and parts, Vaccines, Mixed Mineral or Chemical Fertilizers, and Petroleum Gas. Refined Petroleum led the imports with a value of $13.1 billion, reflecting Brazil’s energy needs. Motor vehicles and parts followed at $7.58 billion, showing the country’s reliance on the automotive sector.

China and the United States were the leading sources of Brazil’s imports, contributing $53.8 billion and $39.3 billion, respectively. Germany, Argentina, and India were also major contributors. These imports are vital for supporting Brazil’s industries and meeting domestic demand.

Geographical Context

Brazil shares its borders with neighboring countries such as Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, and Venezuela. These neighbors significantly impact Brazil’s trade dynamics through regional trade agreements and cross-border commerce.

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Brazil’s import and export data offer valuable insights into its economic vitality. As the world’s 12th-largest economy, Brazil’s trade relationships and top exports and imports are pivotal in shaping its economic path. 

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